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We  provide our customers  with  multiple  methods  to  acquire  precious  metals  to  enhance  their  portfolios. We  are  totally  committed  to our customer  service  and  continue  developing  new  procedures  and  products  to  satisfy our customers  at  the  very best. 

Welcome to HW Minting Company

HW Minting Company is mainly focusing on Bullion, Precious Metal products and collectable items such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Coins and Bars. Our mission is to guide and direct investors into the precious metal that best fits their investment goals, while offering the lowest prices available. Our Company has played a major role in introducing investors to the gold and silver markets.

We offer FREE Shipping to customer when purchase our silver products. We have no handling fee or any other hidden charges. We accept Paypal Credit Card payment with no extra cost on any purchases. HWMC makes buying HWMC Silver bars and coins online easy with prompt service and convenient access. Call our Sales Division Toll-Free to add HWMC Silver to your holdings today!

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